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5 Mins with Sam Farmer

5 Mins with Sam Farmer

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We understand you are a bit of a science geek, what is it about chemistry that you love so much?

Chemistry explodes the myths about cosmetic and personal care ingredients out of the water.  I created SAMFARMER products for my children.  I wouldn’t bake them a cake without understanding the recipe and knowing what ingredients were good for them, likewise I didn’t want to create formulations without knowing and understanding exactly what was going into them.  So I went back to school and studied cosmetic science.

How did your love of chemistry Inspire you to create beauty products?

I’d had enough of marketing guff and wanted to create a range of formulations that do the job they were designed for, gently and effectively, using ingredients based on scientific fact.

We love the fact that your range is unisex, what is the key ingredient in your body wash and how does this work?

The key ingredient is equality.  That and Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate!  A mild surfactant derived from coconut oil that works by gently removing dirt from the skin.

What’s your favourite product out of the range and why?

I’ve had great feedback from all the products, the Face Wash seems to be very popular with teenagers because of it’s gentle and effective cleansing.  It doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling tight.  A light moisturiser is essential after washing their face, that’s why I’ve included one in the range that is ideal for young skin.

How do you get inspiration for new products?

I give talks to young people about cosmetic products, their creation and how they are marketed specifically for their age group.  A Q&A session is an essential part of these and I listen, carefully.  Parents also provide fantastic feedback, anything that encourages teenagers into the bathroom to emerge clean, fresh and smelling great is a hit with Mums and Dads.

How do you ensure your products are gentle yet effective?

I’m a member of a professional scientific organisation where insights into innovative ingredients and research are discussed.  Working closely with my formulator means we can introduce new ingredients that benefit our formulations, thus keeping SAMFARMER bang up to date with all that’s new in cosmetic science.

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