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Ben Hopper's 'Natural Beauty' Photo Series

Ben Hopper's 'Natural Beauty' Photo Series

Ben Hopper took a series of photographs of women with armpit hair back in 2014.  You can see the photographs here.

Some men have beards and some shave their legs.  There seems to be another set of rules for women.  I'm fascinated in the reaction to Ben's images.  What is it that creates such a fuss when it comes to armpit hair?  European men and women don't have the same attitude, It's a natural process and part of being a human being.

Personally I think there are some rather unpleasant elements related to the issue of body hair removal including social pressure, confusion with masculinity and ultimately, power.  I think Ben's images are stunning and highlight a really important issue that have real social implications.  

Everyone should be able to choose for themselves, shave or don't shave.  

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