Cosmetics, Chemicals and the Truth | Sam Farmer

Cosmetics, Chemicals and the Truth

Cosmetics, Chemicals and the Truth

An interesting debate with representatives from the Scientific profession and journalists.  However, I'd add that sometimes marketing departments within our industry don’t help.  If you treat people like idiots there will be a reaction. Made up marketing phrases and terminology creates a mistrust of the science and this in turn makes it very difficult to present the facts.

This has now led to the current situation where consumers, when seeking cosmetic ingredient information,  will trust the views of commentators who have no scientific qualifications, over and above anyone within the cosmetic science community.  Mis-information needs to be confronted, as and when it appears.

But don't just take my word for it, read the write up by Cosmetic Scientist, Colin's Beauty Pages

"the cosmetic industry has an excellent safety record.  It is just one of those things.  Cosmetic safety is not one of the things that consumers have to worry about.   They might not do all they claim.  The adverts might prey on your insecurities...but they aren’t going to make you ill."

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