Diversity in the Beauty Industry | Sam Farmer

Diversification in the Beauty industry

Diversification in the Beauty industry

Scientifically, as an industry we are doing well when it comes to dealing with cosmetic issues but I think we are doing less well, even failing our customers when it comes to the messages and images we use to sell products.  

The companies who truly believe in breaking the stereotypes and challenging the Status Quo when it comes to diversification in beauty will keep doing it.  It's in everything they touch and will come across as genuine, however this will not work with the brands who are cynically using this message merely to jump on the bandwagon.  It was not their reason for existing in the first place so cynicism can be easily spotted and highlighted.

It's a difficult road to navigate but one in which if you truly (and perhaps more importantly, honestly) believe in your message, will be heard.

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