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Gender in Fashion

Gender in Fashion

I know I’m not directly involved in fashion but I believe there is a strong relationship between the cosmetic industry and the fashion industry.  They seem to coexist in the same space and interact with each other.  They also use gender in a very specific way by the products they create and the messages they portray.

Challenging, what I think is perhaps the most accepted form of segregation in both industries, that of gender, is a fascinating area.  When I was a teenager attitudes were very different and this influenced my opinions and the way I perceived what gender meant in society.  Recently I’ve been inspired and uplifted by the way in which gender is being re-defined for the new generation, of which my own children are part of.  Gender in fashion is relevant in my home with my daughter irritated by the way she can’t wear trousers to school and my son loving the fact that his sister shares his fondness for trainers.  They constantly share each others clothes.

The Beauty industry as a whole is constantly being cited with regard to self-esteem and body confidence. I believe we can have a positive impact on the lives on young people and how they feel about themselves, just as the fashion industry embraces gender and has the power to make us feel a little more confident by wearing the clothes they create.

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