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The Good, The Bad and the never Ugly

The Good, The Bad and the never Ugly

In a recent Survey by the Children's Society England came bottom or near the bottom in an international survey of 15 countries disclosing how young people feel about Body Image, Appearance and Self-Confidence.  The NSPCC's Childline reported a 17% increase in calls specifically related to Body Image issue last year.  

Listening to the hundreds of young people I talk to, It's clear that there is a strong link between how young people view themselves and the images and messages we use to promote our products, especially on Social Media.  

Brands are free to market their products however they want but they will need to justify and defend their decisions to a verbal and engaged audience.  With the domination of 'influencer' marketing, it's now whom you choose to represent your product that is the crucial choice.  

Authenticity and transparency are powerful, however, they are also extremely rare.  


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