'Groomed Youth' - Not a phrase you'll catch me using! | Sam Farmer

'Groomed Youth' - Not a phrase you'll catch me using!

'Groomed Youth' - Not a phrase you'll catch me using!

Extract from SPC magazine feature on Techno-savvy teens by Julia Wray

...there is currently something of a backlash against the heavily gendered marketing of products for young people.  British Dad Sam Farmer created the range having been dissapointed by "tiring and outdated" deodorant packaging for teens, segregated into "flowery pink, or a pole-dancer for girls and a racing driver or a player if you're a boy".

"The skin structure and the hair structure of teenage boys and girls is essentially the same, so why all the gender segregation?" says Farmer.  Essentially, he adds, teens look for well formulated products, which are gentle but work.  "They don't want to smell at school, because that's embarrasing and they want to avoid spots, so they need products that cleanse but don't strip the oil.  Within the range, we've formulated each product to try and ease these problems."

"..the scent is...more complex than the fragrances you usually get in this area."


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