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Make-Up Counters for men.

Make-Up Counters for men.

L'Oreal's UK managing Director, Vismay Sharma, has said that the demand for male make up is growing.  He predicts that in five years there will be dedicated make up counters for men in mainstream retailers. Read the article in the Telegraph

I think he's probably right but my feeling is that the main demand will be via online channels.  Men have been using make up for thousands of years, the trend comes and goes but this time I think it's coming back again.  Television shows such as TOWIE, MIC and Love Island have captured a large audience and focus heavily on people's personal appearance.  As gender becomes less important to young people as a means of defining themselves, the reliance of physical attributes dominates in the relentless pursuit of self promotion.

From a scientific point of view I can't see the formulations changing dramatically, it will all be in the marketing and branding of these products.  This begs the question; will male make-up formulations (which are identical to female products) still be segregated by stereotypical gender marketing?  


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