Male Beauty Blogger GEDLAB gives his verdict | Sam Farmer

Male Beauty Blogger GEDLAB gives his verdict

Male Beauty Blogger GEDLAB gives his verdict

Thanks Gedlab.  You can read the full review here.

"When I was a teenager I had issues with my skin – from breakouts appearing out of nowhere to an oily complexion that shines completely out of control to full-blown acne, yes my teenage years was probably the worst time for me. I felt embarrassed and quite depressed by it.  Nowadays all that malarkey can be eliminated thanks to remarkable people like Sam Farmer, a dad with two teenagers who saw a gap in the market and developed a simple but effective skincare range specifically to combat the trials and tribulations of teenager skin.


Sam’s view is simple – create products based on science and not on marketing and after he completed a diploma in cosmetic science, a fantastic range of products was born, all with the same goal to combat teenager skincare woes. Sam sent me a few of his products to put through its paces in the Lab and I wanted to kick off the set of Sam Farmer reviews with the Face Wash. 

I could feel how it was wiping away impurities and excess sebum. It felt light and gentle on my skin and after my 30 seconds of placid massaging, I washed it off only to be left with surprisingly soft and refreshed skin. Now, from experience, I expected that feeling of tightness and dryness to make its unwelcome appearance however I am pleased to say this did not happen, making this truly a gentle but highly effective facial cleanser.

Yay or Nay?


Yes, I will definitely recommend this to teenagers. Not only does it smell great but it was also formulated as a unisex product with a very attractive and affordable price tag. Pair that up with it’s highly effectiveness factor and you have a one of a kind in the teenager skincare market, one that is very much needed. From experience if you see the difference, you will feel the difference and not only will it clear up your skin but it will also help clear up the deep waters you mind may be in due to some unwanted skin nasties. If you are a teenager reading this, the main thing to remember is you are not alone and that there are wonderful people like Sam Farmer out there to help make this easier for you. Get your hands on this wash and you will surely reap the benefits of soft, clean and clear skin."

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