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Primp Powder Pout - 'Skincare that makes a difference'

Primp Powder Pout - 'Skincare that makes a difference'

I mean, really, does a teen boy really need to smell like he's dipped his entire body in a vat of cologne when he is only 12-13 years old and going to school? Why does he need to smell like that? Why would you want your son to be wearing a men's fragrance, which is clearly only there to promote one thing...sex. It's not cool, is it?

Do you really want you teenage girl to smell like some icky, sticky, unpure, ridiculously chemically enhanced perfume of a silhouette of a basque or lace bra on the front of it when the girl in question has barely gone through puberty? I THINK NOT!

Sam Farmer did something about this and I really think it's great.

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