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Science behind hi-tech skincare

Science behind hi-tech skincare

Extract from Raconteur published in The Times;

"But a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as exemplified by the parabens story. Parabens, natural preservatives found in fruit such as raspberries, were demonised by a combination of scaremongering celebrities and a widely reported, yet potentially flawed, piece of research linking them with breast cancer. Rather than educating consumers about the science, most manufacturers bowed to public pressure and started going “paraben free”.

But as Sam Farmer, whose range of toiletries for young people does include parabens, explains this caused problems of its own.

“When companies moved away from parabens, they needed another inexpensive and effective preservative. Methylisothiazolinone (MI) had long been used in shampoos and other wash-off products, but formulators knew it was not advisable to use it in leave-on products, such as moisturisers and sun cream. However, in the rush to replace parabens, this seems to have been forgotten,” he says.

The result is consumers buying paraben-free products are leaving MI on their skin and getting sensitivity reactions, so they can no longer use any products that contain MI."

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