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Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Summer's here and it's a hot one.

1 - Use sun cream.  Latest advice is use a cream not a spray.  At the end of the day, wash it all off using SAMFARMER Body wash, I formulated it to be extremely mild so it can be used every day without drying the skin.

2 - Deodorant!  It's hot, use SAMFARMER roll on deodorant to apply the correct amount directly to the place you need it.  Sprays can be overpowering whilst spraying the room instead of your armpit.

3 - Wash your hair but don't forget to condition - Pool, sea or lake, wherever you swim, use SAMFARMER Shampoo to gently cleanse your hair then use SAMFARMER conditioner to moisturise your hair and scalp. This will help to avoid that dry feeling your hair can get when washing every day.

4 - Keep your face clean.  After washing off the sun cream, use SAMFARMER Face Wash to properly cleanse your face, then MOISTURISE! My formulation contains an active that will help reduce the over production of sebum. 

It takes seconds to to do these simple steps.  Keep clean and fresh these holidays and have a great Summer.

Sam xx

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