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The formulations have been created to help with adolescent (13-19 yrs) skin and hair - they may not be suitable for 'tweens'  

"Being a stay at home Dad, I went to buy my kids their first teenage personal care products.  Having seen the rows of products, pink, pouty and submissive packaging aimed at my daughter and steel grey, macho stuff intended for my son, I left determined to do something about it.

I went back to school, studied cosmetic science and have formulated a unisex range, specifically for adolescent skin and hair.

When selecting ingredients for the formulations, I'm focused on the cosmetic science not marketing misinformation.

Answers to questions regarding individual ingredients can be seen by clicking on the 'Education' tab.

Why call it SAMFARMER?

I'm fed up with not knowing who is responsible for a product or faceless call centres.  So my name's on the front and my phone number is

+44 7775783339

Sam Farmer BSc (Hons) Dip SCS (Dist.) MSCS

Sam Farmer has just served three years on the council of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and is a member of the Schools Education Committee (Scrub Up On Science)  He is the founder of Cosmetic Information Network

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